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Touhou Clock

Just something cool I was shown by DoctorNK. It’s a neat little clock that shows 5 seconds worth of a random toohoo antic, then 5 seconds of the time in military format, and then another video. I got a kick out of it, and on the actual site (reach it by clicking the clock), you even get some pretty bitchin’ remixes of Touhou music with your clocking needs. There are bleeps and bloops to count the seconds in most songs.

I’d originally planned to embed it, but WordPress isn’t going to have ANY OF THAT, OH NO.

also, no, I’m not dead. 😡


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.:MJ (1958-2009)

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Just AS PLANNED (MJ Death)

…I’m going to hell for this.

[Light Yagami picture from http://dizzy.pestermom.com/ , made with http://www.walfas.org/ ‘s create.swf. aka if you’re seeing this KirbyM or MarisaMuffin, don’t sue me]

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