What, about the site, or me? I guess I’ll answer both.


.:aqsikp was created to give me a place to answer various types of questions (both about myself and for giving advice and my opinions on topics people seem to be interested in) without being roped into the corporate loop of Myspace, Facebook and the like (Yes, I have these, as well as a Twitter, and while I like Twitter, it’s not the best place to answer everything that needs to be answered). Here, I answer questions. About me. Why? Because having to explain myself in person can get frustrating or awkward, and I have much more time to think and react consistently behind a screen. Plus, it gives people the chance to ask me a question or my opinion on something they may feel uncomfortable asking me in public, meaning I can give them honest, unbiased answers out of the “oh god what’s wrong with you” eye of the people around them.

Also, in addition to answering questions, I’ll also check out world news, interesting internet crap, video games usually involving Touhou, and anything else I can think up that seems interesting (read: obscure) enough to show off. I like looking around the net, and I like telling people about things I like on the off chance that they might like it, too. So there you go. Welcome to .:aqsikp.

To ask a question, go to the Formspring page and ask away. If you ask an interesting enough question, I’ll make it a blog post answer instead of just answering it there, and put a link to your answer for the world to see! Neat, huh?

The name .:aqsikp (pronounced “acks-EEKP”) was just me* randomly tapping at my keyboard without looking at it or the screen (a la Walfas), and then I made an acronym out of it: A Quixotic-Souled Idiot Keeps Posting. Not bad for something I just randomly typed*, eh?

*by “me,” i mean my cat tried jumping over the keyboard and failed horrendously. yes, it was the most adorable thing in the world. no, unfortunately, i don’t have a photo or video of it. yes, i regret not having said photo/video.


  1. mango-chan said,

    lol witty

  2. Q said,

    Yay, I’m not the only one who uses that word!! XD

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