.:Musical Numbers 1

03/11/2009 at 8:00 PM (Music) (, , , )

Okay, so I’ve decided to post a few songs/remixes here, in this first installment of Musical Numbers. Most of it will probably be from Touhou Actually, only the first two are from Touhou! I’m actually surprised at myself.


An arranged version of A Tiny, Tiny Clever Commander, Nazrin’s theme from Touhou 12. It reminds me of Professor Layton, actually…

Floating Darkness ~ Heian Alien Vocal Arrangement

A rather well-done vocal version of Heian Alien, Nue’s theme from Touhou 12. The original of this song was dangerous and driving enough, and this adds some pretty sick vocals to it.

More non-Touhou-related songs after the jump.

Nomak – Anger of the Earth

Moving away from Touhou, I found this looking around Youtube. It’s got a nice rhythm and a smooth, lyrical melody to it. Very calming.

Total Science – S.O.S.

These guys (Total Science) have been making DnB for over a decade. Kudos if you’ve heard them before. Not much else to say about this one…

Dan Bull – Doorways

A relatively new artist, he took a pretty well-known telepop song… and rapped to it. Did I mention he’s a Brit? Yeah. Anyway, it’s a pretty cool song about birth and death, executed smoothly.

That’s all for the first ever Musical Numbers!  I’ll definitely be doing this again, so if you have any artists/songs that aren’t particularly popular or need more exposure in your opinion, hit me up. I’m always looking for new music, so nothing will be turned away. Youtube is preferred, since that’s what I use to embed, obviously.


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