.:Gravatar, Future Plans, and Fanboyism

04/07/2009 at 3:55 PM (Life, Misc) (, , , , , )

So I’m just now learning about everything WordPress really has to offer. I knew it was a blog and all, but I didn’t take the time to really sit down and look at everything… there’s a lot of data that goes on behind the scenes that I didn’t pay attention to when I first started posting, but when I can find out just how people are finding my blog? Okay, that’s pretty awesome. So I now have a Gravatar (that little box thing that shows up when you comment), one that isn’t automatically generated. Cool. I’ll probably update it with something more fitting later.

I’m hoping I can find a job soon… saving money is a must from mow til late October, early November at the latest. I graduate August 19th, so hopefully I’ll have about half of what I want to save up… uh… saved up by then. I want to be settled in Georgia before December… that way, I can start working on getting enough money for my M license and Vespa, and then start off the next year heading for community colleges. I think that’s the advantage to having a birthday in the summer– you fool everyone into thinking you’re younger than you really are. I’ll be 18 when I start in a community college, but in reality, it’ll seem like I’m 19 or so.

Wait… that means I’ll seem older. -Sob.-

Fanboyism after the jump. Oh, and Happy Independence Day! In America! Try not to blow off your hands or your nose or your big toe or anything else when you’re playing with fireworks.

I kind of had a “OH GOD REALLY WTF” moment when I got an e-mail asking for moderation of the MJ post below, featuring KimikoMuffin‘s (MarisaMuffin, ____Muffin, etc.) comment the first time (and the second time! I totally freaked). I didn’t expect him to actually see it, especially since, y’know, the whole concept that if I read a comic, the chances the author acknowledging my presence plummets 6000%.  He apparently found it during an egosearch, and it was like “…whoa. I read this dude’s comic, and he just. Commented on my blog featuring his post/meme! OH GOD WAREHEATBEB” for me. It’s a cool experience, knowing that he may actually pop in from time to time and read a few of my entries (this one included confessing my eternal love for SWAiJR). I think I’m going to start commenting on my frequent blog/comic site visits more often, see if I can’t actually make some friends or something, or at least let ’em know I support them. Maybe then I won’t freak out as much when “.:aqsikp Please Moderate a comment from KimikoMuffin” pops up in my e-mail box again.


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