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30/06/2009 at 8:35 PM (Games) (, , , , )

…If you’re thinking about getting this game, stop thinking and go. If you:

.:are a fan of the Guilty Gear series.

.:like great metal and metal-fusion music.

.:want to try your hand at a fighting game genre outside of the likes of Street fighter or Mortal Kombat.

.:like strange, kooky, and just downright creepy characters.

.:any combined of the aforementioned.

…then you need to buy this game. End of story. It’s good. You’ll love it. It’s not quite like Guilty Gear, but if you’ve played it before, it’ll feel at least a little familiar to you. I’d hurry and get the Limited Edition while you can; it’s the same price, includes a whopping 42-track soundtrack across two CDs, and a very informative DVD featuring tricks and tips from the combined brains of Dustloop and Shoryuken, the former of which I myself am a member and eagerly approve of.

Still not convinced? Well aren’t you hard to please? Videos after the jump!

This song was made specifically for the console version. WARNING: really loud Japanese singing for more than 3 minutes. In fact, it’s 10.

Astral Finishes. Spoilers if you don’t like looking at unlockables. Only Ragna, Rachel, and v-13 (pronounced “Nu,” as in the Greek letter) had Astral Finishes in the Arcade version– in the home version, every character does.

Other console-only features include a story mode, and an opening completely different from the arcade version, complete with a specially-composed OP theme. If all that goodness isn’t enough for you, especially the Limited Edition being at the same price, then I must ask why the HELL you play video games in the first place. If you’re even thinking about it, you won’t be disappointed, as Arc System Works has definitely done it again.


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