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So, there were apparently 10 views today… ⑨, plus the one I made by accident seeing if it would work here at school. Looks like it’s actually getting some traffic, which is kind of exciting. I hope it’ll get more once I actually start doing stuff here, like pictures and crap. But for all of that to happen, I first require a digital camera. Hopefully, I can get one of those soon.

In other news, I am extremely terrified of Chinese people. That and my thoughts on more world news after the jump.

Googlephiles out there should be familiar with Google Suggest by now; the little box that appears if you pause while typing in a search draws data from what others search for and (usually) predicts your query. It’s a fun little tool, but a recent finding is making it gain even more popularity. Head on over to Google and type “I am extremely” into the search box (without quotes, naturally), and watch in amazement as the last suggestion Google Suggest suggests suggests that you have an irrational fear of Chinese people (This sentence annoys me, since it’s correct but it doesn’t look it).

In other news, it seems that stem cells are being used to fight HIV… It’s been a controversial topic for years, but hopefully, we’re one step closer to curing an STD that’s been plaguing the world since… well, ever. It’s pretty awesome that it was that simple. Stem cells really can be used for everything, huh?

Scientists have finally brought Harry Potter fans one step closer to jizzing all over themselves with the announcement of a working   “invisibility cloak” capable of bending waves in microwaves to make things appear… well, invisible. That’s pretty cool too, since not only could it be applied to military and other practical uses, but– let’s face it– it would make one hell of a fun toy. I’d certainly buy a blanket to hide under come time to do chores or (god forbid!) homework.

Well, that’s all I remember reading about that was expressly interesting. Still playing around with site names, so don’t freak out if .:1more!! happens to change to some other title that I think sounds awesome at the time. Maybe I’ll do what Walfas did and just whack my keyboard or let my cat walk over it and see what I get. You know a blog named .:aqsikp would be awesome.

…Actually, that’s not half bad. Huh.


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  1. mango-chan said,

    XP so now you have the digital camera now whatcha gonna do?

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